Sheen for She

Sheen Day Spa is a women-owned spa that serves women of all ethnicities, skin types and circumstances. We recognize the growing need for spa services among women experiencing crises and from low-income families. Spa services are just as important to our lives as grooming and we believe that every woman should have access to them – no matter where she comes from. Sheen for She is a non-profit organization run by Sheen Day Spa and our goal is to build confidence, promote wellbeing and happiness to women dealing with social and economic crises by providing free services and training in spa services.



Please review the important Sheen for She program details:

Q: What kinds of services and training will be provided by Sheen Day Spa?

A: The services and training provided by Sheen for She fall into three categories: Medical Esthetics, Image Consultancy, and Personal Make-Up/Skincare Training.

Medical Esthetics services include dermabrasion, chemical peels, nonsurgical facelift, aging treatments, acne treatments, scars/pigmentation reduction, hydrating facials and deep cleansing facials for all skin types.

Image Consultancy services include professional advice to individuals about clothing, colors, styles, hair, and make-up or grooming to improve appearance at the workplace.

Personal Make-Up/Skincare Training services include: learning to apply flawless Make-Up from a professional Make-Up artist and learning how to maintain healthy looking and glowing skin.

Q: When are Sheen for She services provided?

A: Sheen for She services are provided on the last weekend of every month at Sheen Day Spa. Please note that Sheen for She operates by appointment only on a first come first serve basis.

*Registration is required.

Q: Are there any eligibility requirements for Sheen for She?

A: Yes. In order to ensure that we serve the appropriate audience of women, we will require some documentation as proof of your eligibility.

Proof of eligibility can be showcased by a referral from a caseworker/social worker or proof of income.

Please note that any information you provide to us will always remain confidential and will only serve the sole purpose of providing proof of eligibility to participate in this program.

Q: How do I register for Sheen for She?

A: Please click here to register for the program.

Q: Is babysitting available?

A: Babysitting is available upon a prior notice through text: (647) 347 – 4960 or email:



We hope that our sincere efforts will encourage the development of positive self-esteem in women going through hardship in their lives and will also help them to carry themselves with self-reliance at their workplaces and community.